"The group that banded together for Ladies' Mile should be congratulated on being "

New York Times, Sept. 8, 1986

Landmarking & Historic Preservation

Since 1980 USCC has been instrumental in getting 14 individual buildings landmarked. USCC also participated in earning landmark status for more than 400 additional buildings by helping to organize the campaign to create the Ladies' Mile Historic District in the Union Square area in 1989.

Later, in 1998, the Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the 10-building East 17th Street/Irving Place Historic District as the result of strenuous lobbying and research by USCC, the Gramercy Neighborhood Associates, and the Historic Districts Council. Among the occupants of these properties, between Union Square East and Irving Place, have been Washington Irving, Elsie de Wolfe, and Oscar Wilde.

What you can do to speed the designation process: Letters from the public at large, individually composed in support of landmark designation, are a key element in the Commission's consideration of any property for protected status. To learn more about the process, go to the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Down load beautiful color brochure & self guided tour of historic buildings in the Union Square park area to celebrate The 50th Anniversary of the Signing of NYC’s Landmarks Law in 2015.

Produced to celebrate The 50th Anniversary of the Signing of NYC’s Landmarks Law in 2015 this eight page color brochure contains period and contemporary images of buildings USCC has successfully supported for landmark designation all within a three block radius of the park. USCC also imagines the future: The brochure also highlights five remarkable buildings it hopes to receive landmark protection. 

The eight page publication was created by Carol Greitzer and Jack Taylor, Graphic design by Miriam Berman: Map Art by Tracy Turner; with contemporary photography by Geoffrey Croft.

Individual Buildings USCC Has Successfully Helped To Landmark 

Our latest landmarking success!

Former Tammany Hall Building (1928)

(Thompson, Holmes & Converse and Charles B. Meyers)
100 E 17th St - Northeast corner of Union Square

Former Century Publishing Building (1880)
(now Barnes & Noble)

33 East 17th Street (Union Square North)
Architect: William Schickel
Designated in 1986

The Lincoln Building (1890)
1 Union Square West
Architect: R.H. Robertson
Designated in 1988
Download a PDF of the Landmarks Commission Designation Report on this building

Former Bank of the Metropolis (1903)
31 Union Square West
Architect: Bruce Price
Designated in 1988

The Decker (formerly Union) Building
33 Union Square West
Designated in 1988

The Everett Building
200 Park Avenue South and East 17th Street
Designated in 1988
Download a PDF of the Landmarks Commission designation report on this building
Century Association Clubhouse (1869)
Architect: Henry Hobson Richardson
109-111 East 15th Street
Designated in 1993

Union Square Savings Bank
(now Daryl Roth Theatre)
Architect: Henry Bacon
20 Union Square East
Designated in 1996

Police Athletic League headquarters
(formerly a courthouse)
34 1/2 East 12th Street
Designated in 1997

Former Baumann Brothers Store (1881)
22-26 East 14th Street
Architects: D. & J. Jardine
Designated in 2008

Former Guardian Life Insurance Company
of America Building (1911)

(now the W Union Square Hotel)
201 Park Avenue South
Architects: D'Oench & Yost
Designated in 1988

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Annex (1963)
105-117 E. 17th Street, 108-116 E. 18th Street
Architects: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Designated in 2008

Consolidated Edison Building
(formerly Consolidated Gas) (1910 -1929)
2-12 Irving Place, 121-147 East 14 St., 120-140 East 15th St. Architects: Henry Hardenbergh, Warren & Wetmore, D. & J. Jardine
Designated in 2009
Landmarks Commission's Designation Report: Con Edison Building

Buildings We Are Currently Advocating for Landmark Designation
USCC is currently advocating to landmark an additional five buildings in the area.
The texts and photos are found in the brochure.    

Apartment House
129 East 17th Street
Architect: Napoleon Le Brun
Believed to be oldest remaining apartment house in NYC.

Carriage House (circa 1854)
121 East 17th Street

Midblock Row House (1850 - redesigned by Herter Brothers in 1889)
134 East 16th Street

Former Horse-Auction Mart (1903)
126-128 East 13th Street
(between Third and Fourth Avenues)
Later the studio of artist Frank Stella

Two-story pressed-metal facade (1889)
141 East 17th Street
Behind the elaborate tinwork, Henry
Luce concieved Time magazine in 1922.

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